Bharyang Ventures is  a digital startup to help entrepreneurs bring Innovative digitization in their organization and is committed to make your organization fully digital, automated and powerful. Bharyang’s Products acts as a network to automate and help business expand and grow.

Together we challenge the limits of innovation, raise the standards of the digital services and make the digital market more competitive for the benefit of our customers. We contribute to the development of the country’s economy and infrastructure, building best-in-class products and connecting more people to business.

Bharyang aims to be largest digital agency in Nepal founded with aim to make every business a digital business by its CEO and Managing Director Riwaj Ghimire. Bharyang now provides services to clients in different countries of the world.

Bharyang strives to provide high quality products and services to enterprise business. It guarantees to exceed the expectations of its customers with the help of its dedicated and forward thinking workforce. We provide the highest level of quality software products and services globally that meet the needs of our customers by maintaining our staff as our principal asset and being responsive to market expectations. Any progressive business demands the right tools to guide innovation and achieve strategic superiority.

Operated by experienced team, we understand the unique operational challenges of today’s Enterprise companies and empowers these organizations to achieve business excellence. Our customized approach and commitment to providing superior quality IT solutions has enabled us to help our clients streamline their business operations and optimize efficiency.


Team Bharyang Ventures prouds of its integrity and highest degree of ethics that has helped us to deliver absolute value business to our customers, stable and better performance products above our differentiators.

Aim at Bharyang Ventures

Bharyang Ventures aims to be leading IT Solutions Provider in Nepal in certain time frame.


Values we Cherish at Bharyang Ventures


Innovation is the key element for progressive development.


Active Collaboration is the key to our constant growth.


At Ovex we make sure our employees grow & learn tremendously.

Community Help

We are proud of our fundraising culture to help those who are in need the most innovative way.


The Most Diverse community working together under one roof.


We don’t work hard, we work smart to be more productive.

We Focus exclusively to Improve Product Value Chain

Bharyang Ventures is committed to delivering quality custom solutions which enable our clients to realize significant gains in productivity and cost savings.

What we believe in.

Bharyang Simplifies complex tasks, makes it easy to complete timely and easily

To be recognized globally, as a leader in IT solutions and a platform for talented and motivated professionals to celebrate innovation and achieve sustainable growth by exceeding the expectations of the clients. One of the Industry trend setters in Nepal Helping companies navigate change